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Daemonic Amarok
*2010-08-07 - †2013-07-24
dumbo pearl merle solid
foto © Sheltie (Paper Towns rattery)



Today, we welcome to world 14 wonderful newborn rat babies! :DDD

OMFG THEY’RE SO DISGUSTING! Haha. I pledge to love the one we keep though! (if it won’t be rex, cause I just can’t with their fucking claws)

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Noël of Navel
*2011-03-14 - †2013-05-16
standard amber hooded
foto © Sheltie (Paper Towns rattery)

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Bendy (Bendikút Mišík)
dumbo Russian dove husky, 2010-06-06
foto © Sheltie (Paper Towns rattery)

Believe it of not, this lovely guy has been around for 2 years and over 9 months… and still counting! :)

najstarsie zlaticko, Bendiput. <3



photo set - three small dogs

Maxim - German Shepherd mix

Kesinka - Spitz mix

Sheimi (Heartbreaker Perla z Polabí) - Shetland Seepdog


Awww, BBS <33
Love the second one - crazy faces! 8D

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Airin Tasha*2010-06-05 - †2012-11-12burmese velveteenthe prettiest girl of her time with life full of problems she didn’t deserveshe rejoined her brother Arthur over the rainbow bridge todayfoto © Sheltie (Paper Towns rattery)


Airin Tasha
*2010-06-05 - †2012-11-12
burmese velveteen
the prettiest girl of her time with life full of problems she didn’t deserve
she rejoined her brother Arthur over the rainbow bridge today
foto © Sheltie (Paper Towns rattery)

Sheimi’s puppy-ish bicolour paw pads appreciation post.

(also note how the two middle pads are connected)

I strongly dislike Samantha

The female rat who lives with Amarok now.

Never have I ever met a rat who wanted to kill me so much. I can’t weight her, because she wouldn’t always go into the container. I can’t clean their cage, because she bites like mad (twice bit me to the point of bleeding). She jumps on my hand when I don’t even go into her direction, when I want to take Amarok, or pat him, she jumps on my hand from the other side of the cage and bites. Goddammit

I don’t know if it’s the “stress” she experiences because of Amarok or she’s just generally a bitch, but I am looking forward to when she’ll leave.

No offense to her owner or whatever, but this is too much, imo  :/


Prince Arthur (Anouk Tasha)*2010-06-05 - †2011-04-16satin himalayanbig and handsome but shy lad, brother of Airinhe was work of beauty and will be missedfoto © Sheltie (Paper Towns rattery)


Prince Arthur (Anouk Tasha)
*2010-06-05 - †2011-04-16
satin himalayan
big and handsome but shy lad, brother of Airin
he was work of beauty and will be missed
foto © Sheltie (Paper Towns rattery)

  1. God, I hope with all my heart that he will be alright. Even if he’s old as balls, haha.
  2. AWAWAWWWWWWW d’aw! but um ah yes… that’s how she behaved. doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s in the same state… unless he looks like he “gave up” :

@Arlet : I hope he’ll be alright, too. even though he’s old. Maybe I’m just paranoid. ;A;
@Shel :Well I don’t know what “giving up looks like” But actually I think he might just be tired. I mean he ate yesterday (maybe today, too). so he looks “fit” I mean old as fuck, but okay and just…sleepy, I hope <3

Berry fell asleep in my lap. He likes to “chill with me”, but he’s never actually fallen asleep on me before.
I am constantly checking if he’s still alive.
This was how Sushi behaved few days before she died, right?  

Gave Ciarra, the female rat, back to her owner today.
Thus I had one compartment of the cage free again, so I put Noel there at once, cause we don’t want him to be covered in scratches and bites from Bendy for the time of competition, do we?
And Rory seems to have become more “dominant” since his time with Ciarra. Now he made Berry some trouble. When I opened the door of the cage, Berry ran right out. He’s always the first one outside, but not actually running away from anyone. So I chucked Berry upstairs with Noel and they seem to get along well, mostly they’re just chasing each other, but no squealing, puffing or jumping up and down as when Bendy picks a fight with Noel.
Now the only “problematic” behaviour is coming from Rory. Towards Bendy and Arthur, equally.
But I believe they’ll be as good as new tomorrow after I clean the cage properly. 

Fuck, I think I forgot to take a decent picture of Rory with Ciarra, I have only some shitty cellphones ones : /

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